Global OTC Drugs Market 2018-2024

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Global Over the Counter Drugs Market – Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2018–2024
Overview: Over-the-counter medications, also known as non-prescription drugs, are the medicines that can be procured without a prescription from the doctor. When the directions on the label are followed, these drugs are harmless and effective. These drugs are principally used for the treatment of the health conditions that can be self-medicated.
OTC drugs are measured by government regulatory associations to be harmless for self-medication. According to Food and drug administration (FDA), there are more than 300,000 OTC drug product are marketed. Some of the common applications of OTC drugs are aches, pains, itches and others.
Merger and acquisition has always been a trend in the pharmaceutical industry. Recently in 2018 January, J&J, GlaxoSmithKline and Reckitt Benckiser are on race to buy Pfizer's $20 billion consumer. However, the final two competitors for the bid are GSK and Reckitt Benckiser. Other major trend in the market are product launch and approval, collaboration and business expansion. In July 2017, Glenmark gets MHRA approval for OTC sale of anti-malarial drug in Europe.
Market Analysis: The “Global Over the counter drugs” market is estimated to witness a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period 2017–2023. The over the counter drugs market is analyzed based on two segments –product types, and regions.
Regional Analysis: The regions covered in the report are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW). North America accounts for the largest share of the global over the counter drugs market, followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World.
Product Types Analysis: The OTC drugs demand for cold, cough and allergy will involve the classical seasonal drift, driving a stable progress during the forecast period. However, OTC drugs used for weight loss, smoking cessation and sleeping aid are on great demand in established regions. Many small manufacturers are establishing in these segment with their innovative products to have a strong foot hold. From the time of switching nicotine replacement therapies as OTC products, there was nearly 150% -200% increase in their procurement and usage in the initial year after the switch. Amplified access permitted many smokers to help quit smoking saving nearly $2 billion every year.
Key Players: Major players operating in the OTC market include Bayer AG, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Johnson & Johnson, and Sanofi, are the major players of the market. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Pfizer, Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc, Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Procter & Gamble Company, Merck & Co, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Competitive Analysis: Online sales of Over the counter drugs are transforming the market, intimidating major OTC drugs manufacturers and permitting small companies to obtain their share in the market. Aleve by Bayer is one of the best-selling drug in America with a revenue of $485 million in sales in 2016. But there was a drop-in sale by 10% in 2017. This was due to the availability of alternative drugs online from small manufacturers. This shows that the power is gradually shifting toward e-commerce, making it difficult for the major players.
Nevertheless, small companies are also facing patent litigation issues, making their entry more difficult into the market. For instance, Bayer AG filed a patent litigation against Perrigo Company plc’s Finacea Foam in the US district court in February 2018.
Benefits: The report provides complete details about the usage and adoption rate of over the counter drugs in various regions. With that, key stakeholders can know about the major trends, drivers, investments, and vertical player’s initiatives. Moreover, the report provides details about the major challenges that are going to impact on the market growth. Additionally, the report gives the complete details about the key business opportunities to key stakeholders to expand their business and capture the revenue in the specific verticals to analyze before investing or expanding the business in this market.
Key Stakeholders:

Table of Contents
1 Industry Outlook 8
1.1 Industry Overview 8
1.2 Industry Trends 8
2 Report Outline 10
2.1 Report Scope 10
2.2 Report Summary 10
2.3 Research Methodology 11
2.4 Report Assumptions 11
3 Market Snapshot 12
3.1 Market Definition – Infoholic Research 13
3.2 Total Addressable Market (TAM) 13
3.3 Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) 13
3.3.1 Difference between OTCs and prescription (Rx) medicines 14
3.3.2 Trends of over the counter drug market 14
3.4 Related Addressable Markets (RAM) 15
3.4.1 Oncology (Cancer) Drugs 15
3.4.2 Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) 16
3.4.3 Diabetes Drugs Market 16
4 Market Outlook 18
4.1 Regulatory Scenario 18
4.1.1 US: 18
4.1.2 Europe: 18
4.1.3 Japan: 18
4.1.4 Turkey 19
4.2 Market Segmentation 20
4.3 Porter 5(Five) Forces 21
4.4 PEST Analysis 22
5 Market Characteristics 23
5.1 Market Dynamics 23
5.1.1 Drivers 23 Conducive government legislation 23 Switching of Rx drugs to OTC drugs 24 Cost-effective OTC drugs 24
5.1.2 Opportunities 25 A growing pain category 25 An increase in self-care 25
5.1.3 Restraints 25 Incorrect self-diagnosis 25 Side Effects and Misuse of Over the Counter Drugs 25
5.1.4 DRO – Impact Analysis 26
5.1.5 Key Stakeholders 27
6 Product Types: Market Size and Analysis 29
6.1 Overview 29
6.1.1 Cold, Cough and Allergy 30
6.1.2 Analgesics 31
6.1.3 Dermatology OTC Drugs 32
6.1.4 Gastrointestinal OTC Drugs 33
6.1.5 Ophthalmic OTC drugs 34
6.1.6 Vitamins and Minerals Supplements 35
6.1.7 Others 36
7 Regions: Market Size and Analysis 38
7.1 Overview 38
7.2 North America 39
7.2.1 Overview 39
7.3 Europe 40
7.3.1 Overview 40
7.4 APAC 42
7.4.1 Overview 42
7.5 Rest of the World 43
7.5.1 Overview 43
8 Competitive Landscape 45
9 Vendor Profiles 50
9.1 Sanofi 50
9.1.1 Overview 50
9.1.2 Geographic Revenue 53
9.1.3 Business Focus 53
9.1.4 SWOT Analysis 54
9.1.5 Business Strategy 54
9.2 Bayer AG 55
9.2.1 Overview 55
9.2.2 Business Unit 57
9.2.3 Geographic Presence 58
9.2.4 Business Focus 58
9.2.5 SWOT Analysis 59
9.2.6 Business Strategy 59
9.3 Johnson & Johnson 59
9.3.1 Overview 59
9.3.2 Business Units 63
9.3.3 Geographic Revenue 64
9.3.4 Business Focus 65
9.3.5 SWOT Analysis 66
9.3.6 Business Strategies 66
9.4 GlaxoSmithKline plc 67
9.4.1 Overview 67
9.4.2 Geographic Presence 71
9.4.3 Business Focus 71
9.4.4 SWOT Analysis 72
9.4.5 Business Strategy 72
10 Companies to Watch For 73
10.1 Pfizer Inc., 73
10.1.1 Overview 73
10.1.2 Highlights 74
10.2 Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc 74
10.2.1 Overview 74
10.2.2 Highlights 75
10.3 Innovus Pharmaceuticals 75
10.3.1 Overview 75
10.3.2 Highlights 75
10.4 Procter & Gamble Company 76
10.4.1 Overview 76
10.4.2 Highlights 76
10.5 Sun Pharmaceuticals. 77
10.5.1 Overview 77
10.5.2 Highlights 78
10.6 Merck & Co. 78
10.6.1 Overview 78
10.6.2 Highlights: 79
10.7 Takeda Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd 79
10.7.1 Overview 79
10.7.2 Highlights: 80
10.8 Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH 80
10.8.1 Overview 80
10.8.2 Highlights: 81
Annexure 82
Abbreviations 82

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Bayer AG, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Johnson & Johnson, and Sanofi, are the major players of the market
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