IT Market Scenario for Poland, By (Verticals, 30 Outsourcing Companies, and Top 10 Key IT Service Providers) – Trends & Forecast: 2015–2020

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In the last decade, Poland has become an important producer of ICT solutions, partly due to globalization of the ICT market and outsourcing of production to Asia, Mexico and Central Europe, as well as Eastern Europe. The inflow of foreign investments, European Union (EU) funds availability and new trends such as mobile applications and cloud computing are the major drivers of the ICT market. Administration, banking, financial services & insurance (BFSI) and telecommunications are major verticals which spend a lot on ICT solutions. The major companies in Poland, which provide IT services include HP Polska, ABC Data, and Flextronics International Poland.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the IT market scenario with Industry Verticals, 30 Outsourcing companies (along with their key decisions makers IT speeding, IT initiatives and IT Vendors), Top-10 Key IT Service Providers, drivers, restraints as well as growth opportunities and best practices in the market. It also contains analysis and forecasted revenues, competitive landscape, company profiles and industry trends.

In the early 1990s, after the end of decades of old communist rule and recession, the Poland economy started transforming and started to move towards privatization. Today, Poland’s economy is one of the fastest growing economy in the CEE region. The country’s economy boosted after it became the part of the European Union (EU) in 2004. The country is developing with the support from EU funds and government. Within a few years, after becoming the part of the EU, the country’s living standard has increased and development too. Today, the country visualizes itself to be fully digitalized by the end of this decade, i.e., till 2020 as it has received the highest EU funding. The country has become the preferred choice for outsourcing business due to its closeness to the big five European countries and similar time zones. Extremely talented workforce, low costs, and sound political and economic conditions are supporting factors for this growth. The country has a huge potential in the biotechnology and R&D sectors. In the coming years, it is assumed that the country will be fully digitalized with its current e-governance initiatives and will be the most preferred destination for research, IT, tourism and medical services.
Table of Contents
1 Poland Overview
1.1 Overview
1.2 Pest Analysis
2 Report Outline
2.1 Report Scope
2.2 Report Summary
2.3 Research Methodology
2.4 Report Assumptions
3 Key Initiatives & Investments
3.1 Government Initiatives & Regulations
3.2 Major Deals and Partnerships
3.2.1 Major Deals in 2014
4 ICT Market Scenario
4.1 Poland Market Evolution
4.2 Key market characteristics
4.2.1 Driver Growing Economy Fair Foreign Trade Policy Support from European Union Structural Funds Growing IT Sector
4.2.2 Restraints Poor Infrastructure Week Communication Network Need for Investor Friendly Laws
4.2.3 Opportunities. In Research and Development Cloud Services Ecommerce
4.2.4 DRO Impact Analysis
5 IT Spending and Forecast
5.1 IT Spending
5.1.1 Global IT Spending
5.1.2 CEE and CIS IT Spending
5.1.3 Poland IT spending
5.2 Poland IT market
5.2.1 Software Market Size & Analysis
5.2.2 IT Services Market Size & Analysis
5.2.3 Hardware Market Size & Analysis
6 Poland Macro & Micro Analysis
6.1 Macro Analysis
6.2 Micro Analysis
6.2.1 Poland IT Outsourcing Market Players Analysis
7 Verticals: Market Size & Analysis
7.1 Overview
7.2 Banking, Finance, Services and Insurance (BFSI)
7.2.1 Overview
7.3 Aerospace & Defense
7.3.1 Overview
7.4 Manufacturing
7.4.1 Overview
7.5 Telecom
7.5.1 Overview
7.6 Infrastructure
7.6.1 Overview Transport Infrastructure ICT Infrastructure
7.7 Healthcare
7.7.1 Overview
7.8 Freight Transportation
7.8.1 Overview
7.9 Others
7.9.1 Overview Agriculture Retail Education
8 30 IT Outsourcing Companies
8.1 Bank Pekao SA
8.1.1 Overview
8.1.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.1.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.1.4 Associated Vendors
8.2 PKO Bank Polski, Poland
8.2.1 Overview
8.2.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.2.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.2.4 Associated Vendors
8.3 Citi Handlowy, Poland
8.3.1 Overview
8.3.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.3.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.3.4 Associated Vendors
8.4 Gemalto, Poland
8.4.1 Overview
8.4.2 Revenue and Key Initiatives
8.4.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.4.4 Associated Vendors
8.5 Merck, Poland
8.5.1 Overview
8.5.2 Revenue, R&D Spending and Key Initiatives
8.5.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.5.4 Associated Vendors
8.6 Aviva, Poland
8.6.1 Overview
8.6.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.6.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.6.4 Associated Vendors
8.7 ING Bank ÅšlÄ…ski, Poland
8.7.1 Overview
8.7.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.7.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.7.4 Associated Vendors
8.8 mBank, Poland
8.8.1 Overview
8.8.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.8.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.8.4 Associated Vendors
8.9 Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
8.9.1 Overview
8.9.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.9.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.9.4 Associated Vendors
8.1 Volvo Group, Poland
8.10.1 Overview
8.10.2 Revenue, R&D Spending, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.10.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.10.4 Associated Vendors
8.11 Volkswagen Group, Poland
8.11.1 Overview
8.11.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.11.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers Associated Vendors
8.12 General Motors, Poland
8.12.1 Overview
8.12.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.12.3 IT stakeholders/influencers
8.12.4 Associated Vendors
8.13 Samsung, Poland
8.13.1 Overview
8.13.2 Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.13.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.13.4 Associated Vendors
8.14 Amica, Poland
8.14.1 Overview
8.14.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.14.3 IT stakeholders/influencers
8.14.4 Associated Vendors
8.15 T-Mobile
8.15.1 Overview
8.15.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.15.3 IT stakeholders/influencers
8.15.4 Associated Vendors
8.16 Ericsson, Poland
8.16.1 Overview
8.16.2 Revenue, investments and key initiatives
8.16.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.16.4 Associated Vendors
8.17 Orange, Polska
8.17.1 Overview
8.17.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.17.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.17.4 Associated Vendors
8.18 Netia, SA
8.18.1 Overview
8.18.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.18.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.18.4 Associated Vendors
8.19 Cyfrowy Polsat SA
8.19.1 Overview
8.19.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.19.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencer
8.19.4 Associated Vendors
8.2 Gardner Aerospace, Poland
8.20.1 Overview
8.20.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.20.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.20.4 Associated Vendors
8.21 MTU Aero Engines, Polska
8.21.1 Overview
8.21.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.21.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.21.4 Associated Vendors
8.22 ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.
8.22.1 Overview
8.22.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.22.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.22.4 Associated Vendors
8.23 Biedronka, Poland
8.23.1 Overview
8.23.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.23.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.23.4 Associated Vendors
8.24 Tesco, Poland
8.24.1 Overview
8.24.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.24.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.24.4 Associated Vendors
8.25 Auchan
8.25.1 Overview
8.25.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.25.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.25.4 Associated Vendors
8.26.1 Overview
8.26.2 Revenue, R&D Spending and Key Initiatives
8.26.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.26.4 Associated Vendors
8.27 GE, Poland
8.27.1 Overview
8.27.2 Revenue, Investments, R&D, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.27.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.27.4 Associated Vendors
8.28 Nestle, Poland
8.28.1 Overview
8.28.2 Revenue, Investments, R&D Spending and Key Initiatives
8.28.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.28.4 Associated Vendors
8.29 Open Text Corporation, Poland
8.29.1 Overview
8.29.2 Revenue, R&D Spending, and Key Initiatives
8.29.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.29.4 Associated Vendors
8.3 UPC Systems ,Poland
8.30.1 Overview
8.30.2 Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.30.3 IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.30.4 Associated Vendors
9 Key IT Service Providers
9.1 HP Polska
9.1.1 Overview
9.1.2 Financial Health
9.1.3 Business Units
9.1.4 SWOT Analysis
9.1.5 Key Business Priorities
9.1.6 Business Strategies and Views
9.2 Comarch
9.2.1 Overview
9.2.2 Financial Health
9.2.3 Business Units
9.2.4 SWOT Analysis
9.2.5 Key Business Priorities
9.2.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.3 NTT System, S.A.
9.3.1 Overview
9.3.2 Financial Health
9.3.3 Business Units
9.3.4 SWOT Analysis
9.3.5 Key Business Priorities
9.3.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.4 PGS Software, Poland
9.4.1 Overview
9.4.2 Financial Health
9.4.3 Business Units
9.4.4 SWOT Analysis
9.4.5 Key Business Priorities
9.4.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.5 ABC Data, S.A.
9.5.1 Overview
9.5.2 Financial Health
9.5.3 Business Units
9.5.4 SWOT Analysis
9.5.5 Key Business Priorities
9.5.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.6 Asseco
9.6.1 Overview
9.6.2 Financial Health
9.6.3 Business Units
9.6.4 SWOT Analysis
9.6.5 Key Business Priorities
9.6.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.7 Tech Data
9.7.1 Overview
9.7.2 Financial Health
9.7.3 Business Units
9.7.4 SWOT Analysis
9.7.5 Key Business Priorities
9.7.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.8 Talex
9.8.1 Overview
9.8.2 Financial Health
9.8.3 Business Units
9.8.4 SWOT Analysis
9.8.5 Key Business Priorities
9.8.6 Business Strategies & Views
9.9 Mobica
9.9.1 Overview
9.9.2 Business Units
9.9.3 SWOT Analysis
9.9.4 Key Business Priorities
9.9.5 Business Strategies & Views
9.1 Flextronics International Poland
9.10.1 Overview:
9.10.2 Financial Health
9.10.3 Business Units
9.10.4 SWOT Analysis
9.10.5 Key Business Priorities
9.10.6 Business Strategies & Views
10 Annexure
10.1 Acronyms
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30 IT Outsourcing Companies
Bank Pekao SA
PKO Bank Polski, Poland
Citi Handlowy, Poland
Gemalto, Poland
Merck, Poland
Aviva, Poland
ING Bank ÅšlÄ…ski, Poland
mBank, Poland
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
Volvo Group, Poland
Volkswagen Group, Poland
General Motors, Poland
Samsung, Poland
Amica, Poland
Ericsson, Poland
Orange, Polska
Netia, SA
Cyfrowy Polsat SA
Gardner Aerospace, Poland
MTU Aero Engines, Polska
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.
Biedronka, Poland
Tesco, Poland
GE, Poland
Nestle, Poland
Open Text Corporation, Poland
UPC Systems ,Poland

Key IT Service Providers
HP Polska
NTT System, S.A.
PGS Software, Poland
ABC Data, S.A.
Tech Data
Flextronics International Poland
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