Global Fragrance Oil Market Forecast up to 2023

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    Apr 2019
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Fragrance Oil Market – Global Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecast up to 2023
The fragrance oil is a synthetically lab made aroma that is used as a major additive in products like perfumes, soaps, shower gel, laundry detergent, and others to provide fragrance to the products. Fragrance oil is classified mainly in these categories i.e., Natural and Synthetic. It provides an aroma longevity of the products.
Research Methodology
The fragrance oil market has been analyzed by utilizing the optimum combination of secondary sources and in-house methodology along with an irreplaceable blend of primary insights. The real-time assessment of the market is an integral part of our market sizing and forecasting methodology. Our industry experts and panel of primary participants have helped us in compiling relevant aspects with realistic parametric estimations for a comprehensive study. The participation share of different categories of primary participants is given below:
Key Market Insights
Fragrance oil is widely utilized in fine fragrances, personal care products, household products, and others to impart aroma to the products. The fragrance oil can be natural or synthetic. The demand for fragrance oil is increasing owing to an increased demand of aromachology or utilization of fragrances for reduction of stress and change in moods.
North America dominates the market currently and is also expected to grow during the forecast period due to intense demand from various applications segment. Asia Pacific is expected to accelerate the market during the forecast period. Some of the prominent key players in the fragrance oil market are Takasago Symrise, Givaudan, International flavors & fragrances, and Firmenich group.
o Natural
o Synthetic
o Fine Fragrances
o Personal Care
o Household Products
o Others
o Asia Pacific
o North America
o Europe
o Rest of the World

1 Executive Summary
1.1 North America has the highest dominance in the fragrance oil market
1.2 Personal care is increasing its market share owing to high growth from developing countries
2 Market Positioning
2.1 Industry Snapshot
2.1.1 Industry Overview
2.1.2 Key Trends
2.2 Related Markets
3 Market Outlook
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Value Chain Analysis
3.3 Market Segmentation
4 Market Characteristics
4.1 PESTLE Analysis
4.2 Porter’s Five Force Analysis
4.3 Market Dynamics
4.3.1 Drivers Increasing usage of aromachology Increased usage of fragrances in personal care and house hold products Increasing demand for custom fragrances
4.3.2 Restraints Increasing regulations by regulatory bodies Increasing demand for natural aroma Fluctuations in raw material prices
4.3.3 Opportunities Increasing demand for alcohol based free perfumes Demand for various different aromas Emerging markets in Asia Pacific
4.3.4 DRO – Impact Analysis
4.4 Patent Analysis
5 Fragrance oil Market, By Type
5.1 Overview
5.2 Natural
5.3 Synthetic
6 Fragrance oil Market, By Application
6.1 Overview
6.2 Fine Fragrances
6.3 Personal Care
6.4 Household
7 Fragrance oil Market, By Geography
7.1 Overview
7.2 Asia Pacific
7.2.1 Asia Pacific fragrance oil Market, By Country
7.2.2 Asia Pacific fragrance oil Market, By Type
7.2.3 Asia Pacific fragrance oil Market, By Application
7.3 North America
7.3.1 North America fragrance oil Market, By Country
7.3.2 North America fragrance oil Market, By Type
7.3.3 North America fragrance oil Market, By Application
7.4 Europe
7.4.1 Europe fragrance oil Market, By Country
7.4.2 Europe fragrance oil Market, By Type
7.4.3 Europe fragrance oil Market, By Application
7.5 Rest of the World
7.5.1 Rest of the World fragrance oil Market, By Region
7.5.2 Rest of the World fragrance oil Market, By Type
7.5.3 Rest of the World fragrance oil Market, By Application
8 Competitive Landscape
8.1 Competitive Regional Exposure Analysis
8.2 Growth Strategies Analysis
8.3 Market Developments
8.3.1 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
8.3.2 Expansions
8.3.3 Business Restructuring
8.3.4 Product Launches & Exhibitions
9 Vendor Profiles
9.1 Takasago
9.1.1 Overview
9.1.2 Product Profile
9.1.3 Business Units
9.1.4 Geographic Revenue
9.1.5 Recent Developments
9.1.6 Business Focus
9.1.7 SWOT Analysis
9.1.8 Business Strategies
9.2 International flavors & fragrances (IFF)
9.2.1 Overview
9.2.2 Product Profile
9.2.3 Business Units
9.2.4 Geographic Revenue
9.2.5 Recent Developments
9.2.6 Business Focus
9.2.7 SWOT Analysis
9.2.8 Business Strategies
9.3 Symrise
9.3.1 Overview
9.3.2 Product Profile
9.3.3 Business Units
9.3.4 Geographic Revenue
9.3.5 Recent Developments
9.3.6 Business Focus
9.3.7 SWOT Analysis
9.3.8 Business Strategies
9.4 Givaudan
9.4.1 Overview
9.4.2 Product Profile
9.4.3 Business Units
9.4.4 Geographic Revenue
9.4.5 Recent Developments
9.4.6 Business Focus
9.4.7 SWOT Analysis
9.4.8 Business Strategies
9.5 Firmenich
9.5.1 Overview
9.5.2 Product Profile
9.5.3 Business Units
9.5.4 Geographic Revenue
9.5.5 Recent Developments
9.5.6 Business Focus
9.5.7 SWOT Analysis
9.5.8 Business Strategies
10 Customers Profile
10.1 Unilever
10.1.1 Overview
10.1.2 Product Profile
10.1.3 Business Focus
10.1.4 Business Strategies
10.2 Procter & Gamble
10.2.1 Overview
10.2.2 Product Profile
10.2.3 Business Focus
10.2.4 Business Strategies
10.3 Loreal
10.3.1 Overview
10.3.2 Product Profile
10.3.3 Business Focus
10.3.4 Business Strategies
10.4 Revlon
10.4.1 Overview
10.4.2 Product Profile
10.4.3 Business Focus
10.4.4 Business Strategies
10.5 Avon
10.5.1 Overview
10.5.2 Product Profile
10.5.3 Business Focus
10.5.4 Business Strategies
11 Companies to Watch for
11.1 LDG International
11.1.1 Overview
11.1.2 Product Profile
11.1.3 (Market Exposure/Differentiating Factor)
12 Annexure
12.1 Report Scope
12.2 Market Definition
12.3 Research Methodology
12.3.1 Data Collation & In-house Estimation
12.3.2 Market Triangulation
12.3.3 Forecasting
12.4 Study Declarations
12.5 Report Assumptions
12.6 Stakeholders
12.7 Abbreviations
13 Expert’s Views

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Takasago Symrise, Givaudan, International Flavors & Fragrances, and Firmenich group
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