Worldwide Insulin Pump Market – Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2017–2023

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Worldwide Insulin Pumps Market – Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2017–2023
Insulin pump is a small and discreet device that delivers a specific amount of insulin through a needle inserted underneath the skin. The insulin pump is integrated with the receiver, transmitter, and a sensor that can be programmed to deliver constant doses of insulin during the day. It delivers and regulates blood sugar level in the body. It consists of a disposable infusion set, a cannula for subcutaneous insertion, a tubing system to connect the cannula with the insulin reservoir, and a disposable reservoir for insulin set.
Factors such as rising prevalence of diabetic patients, technological advancements, and the increasing potential in the emerging countries are expected to drive the market growth during the forecast period. The high cost of insulin pumps and stringent regulatory approval process are factors hampering the market growth.
The markets in India, Brazil, and China are also expected to grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period due to the high prevalence of diabetes in these countries.

Market Analysis:
The global insulin pumps market is estimated to witness a CAGR of 8.3% during the forecast period 2017–2023. The market is analyzed based on three segments – product types, end-users, and regions.
The factors such as re-sales of insulin pumps and the increased adoption of advanced technology products are the opportunities for the market players during the forecast period. Increasing awareness among people about diabetes and glucose monitoring devices has a significant impact on the growth of the global insulin pumps market.

Product Analysis:
The market is witnessing an emerging trend for advanced insulin pumps such as Medtronic's MiniMed 530G system. Knowledge about the advantages of insulin pumps systems over traditional injections, meters, and other glucose monitors has led to the market growth in developed countries.
The regulatory scenario is of concern as there has been a wide range of instruments and assays, which range from Class I to Class III devices. Recently, there has been a change in regulations in the European region, which has become a major issue for the market players.

Regional Analysis:
The regions covered in the report are the Americas, EMEA, APAC, and Rest of the World (ROW). The Americas is set to be the leading region for the insulin pumps market growth followed by Europe. Asia Pacific and ROW are set to be the emerging regions. The markets in India, Brazil, and China are expected to grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period as the prevalence of diabetes and lifestyle diseases in these countries is high. These countries are set to be the target regions for the players due to the large untapped market.

Key Players:
The leader in the insulin pumps market is Animas, who is currently occupying the majority of the insulin pumps market share. Medtronic, Roche, Asante, Cellnovo, and Insulet are the other major players in the market. These top players occupy more than half of the market. The report covers the following players:
• Animus Corp.
• Medtronics Inc.
• Insulet Corp.
• Roche Diagnostics
• Cellnovo Ltd.
• Asante
• Nipro Diagnostic Inc.
• Tandem Diabetes Care Inc.
• Sooil Development Co. Ltd.
• Ypsomed

Competitive Analysis:
The tethered pumps segment is dominating the global insulin pumps market, and a lot of new players are focusing on developing technologically advanced reagents and analyzers to gain the market share. The advanced products such as MiniMed 530G system and OmniPod insulin pumps are expected to drive the market growth in the future.
The large players such as F. Hoffmann-La Roche and Medtronics are acquiring companies with products that would complement their existing portfolio. Significant investments in R&D in this market is expected to increase, and collaborations and M&A are expected to continue.

The report provides complete details about the usage and the adoption rate of insulin pumps by various end-users and regions. The key stakeholders use this information to know about the major trends, drivers, investments, vertical player’s initiatives, and government initiatives toward the increasing awareness of diseases in the upcoming years along with the details of commercial devices available in the market. Moreover, the report provides details about the major challenges that are going to impact on the market growth. Additionally, the report provides complete details about the main business opportunities to the key stakeholders to expand their business and gain revenue in the specific vertical and to analyze before investing or expanding the business in this market.

Key Stakeholders

Table of Contents
1 Industry Outlook 8
1.1 Industry Overview 8
1.2 Industry Trends 9
1.3 Pest Analysis 10
2 Report Outline 11
2.1 Report Scope 11
2.2 Report Summary 11
2.3 Research Methodology 12
2.4 Report Assumptions 12
3 Market Snapshot 13
3.1 Total Addressable Market (TAM) 13
3.2 Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) 14
3.3 Related Markets 15
3.3.1 Infusion Pumps Market 15
3.3.2 Diabetes Drugs Market 15
3.3.3 Diabetes Management Market 15
4 Market Outlook 15
4.1 Overview 16
4.2 Market Definition – Infoholic Research 16
4.3 Importance of Insulin Pumps 16
4.4 Market Segmentation 17
4.5 Porter 5(Five) Forces 17
5 Market Characteristics 19
5.1 Evolution 19
5.2 Insulin Pumps Advantages 20
5.3 Insulin Pumps Disadvantages 20
5.4 Role of Insulin Pumps in Healthcare 20
5.5 Market Dynamics 22
5.5.1 Drivers 22 Potential increase in the number of aged population 22 Growing awareness of insulin pumps in the emerging markets 23 Significant focus on diabetes management 23 Increasing prevalence of diabetic population 24
5.5.2 Opportunities 24 Substitute for conventional diabetes treatments 24 Technological advancements 25 Significant increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions 26 Latest product launches 26
5.5.3 Restraints 27 Threat of technological substitutes 27 Unfavorable reimbursement plans 28 Acute competition in the market 28 Issues related to product pricing 29
5.5.4 DRO – Impact Analysis 30
5.5.5 Key Stakeholders 31
6 Types: Market Size and Analysis 32
6.1 Overview 32
6.2 Tethered Pumps 33
6.3 Untethered Pumps 34
6.4 Implantable Pumps 35
7 End User: Market Size and Analysis 37
7.1 Overview 37
7.2 Hospitals 38
7.3 Ambulatory Care 38
7.4 Others 39
8 Regions: Market Size and Analysis 40
8.1 Overview 40
8.2 Americas 41
8.3 EMEA 42
8.4 APAC 43
9 Market Attractiveness 45
9.1 Market Attractiveness by Types 45
9.2 Market Attractiveness by End Users 45
10 Competitive Landscape 47
10.1 Overview 47
11 Vendor Profiles 49
11.1 Animas Corp. 49
11.1.1 Overview 49
11.1.2 Business Focus 52
11.1.3 Business Strategy 52
11.2 Insulet Corp. 53
11.2.1 Overview 53
11.2.2 Business Unit 55
11.2.3 Geographic Presence 56
11.2.4 Business Focus 56
11.2.5 SWOT Analysis 57
11.2.6 Business Strategy 57
11.3 Medtronic Plc 58
11.3.1 Overview 58
11.3.2 Business Unit 68
11.3.3 Geographic Presence 69
11.3.4 Business Focus 69
11.3.5 SWOT Analysis 70
11.3.6 Business Strategy 70
11.4 F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd 72
11.4.1 Overview 72
11.4.2 Business Unit 77
11.4.3 Geographic Presence 78
11.4.4 Business Focus 78
11.4.5 SWOT Analysis 79
11.4.6 Business Strategy 79
11.5 Abbott Laboratories 80
11.5.1 Overview 80
11.5.2 Business Unit 84
11.5.3 Geographic Presence 85
11.5.4 Business Focus 85
11.5.5 SWOT Analysis 86
11.5.6 Business Strategy 86
12 Companies to Watch For 87
12.1 Sanofi 87
12.1.1 Overview 87
12.1.2 Sanofi in 2015 88
12.2 B. Braun Melsungen AG 89
12.2.1 Overview 89
12.3 Carestream Health Inc. 90
12.3.1 Overview 90
Annexure 91
12.4 Abbreviations 92

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