Enterprise Content Management Market Forecast up to 2023

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Enterprise Content Management Market: Global Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecast up to 2023
As Enterprise Content Management (ECM) continues to evolve, driven by new use cases and platforms, significant changes in the technology and competitive landscape obscures the vendors’ vision and direction to grow their revenue while serving their customers better. This study covers the major trends governing the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market and it is expected that the evolution over the next five years from 2018 to 2023, with 2016 and 2017 being the historic and base years for vendor evaluation. The study examines market trends, market dynamics, competitive landscape, and leading vendor products and strategies, as well as worldwide market growth forecasts in terms of revenue from 2018 to 2023.
OpenText, IBM, Microsoft, Hyland Software, Xerox, Adobe, Laserfiche, HPE, DocuWare, Alfresco Software, Acquia, Oracle, Kofax, M-Files, and Newgen Software are few of the leading vendors of ECM services and tools analyzed for this study. Content Creation, Search and Discovery, Compliance and Security, Classify and Archive, Governance and Document Workflow, and Collaboration are the core constituents of the overall ECM suite.
Market Analysis
According to Infoholic Research, the global enterprise content management (ECM) market is projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 15.2% during the forecast period, driven by increasing need to manage growing number of digital platforms generating huge volume of data. Morover, the benefits of better project management with cross-functional workflows being of paramount importance in modern digital workplaces, it further bolsters the adoption of effective and scalable ECM tools/services or add-ons.
Market Segmentation Analysis
The report provides a wide-ranging evaluation of the market. It provides an in-depth qualitative insight, historical data, and supportable projections and assumptions about the market size. The projections featured in the report have been derived using proven research methodologies and assumptions based on the vendor’s portfolio, blogs, whitepapers, and vendor presentations. Thus, the research report represents every side of the market and is segmented based on regional markets, offerings, and application areas across diverse end-use verticals.
Competitive Analysis
The report covers and analyzes the key vendors in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market. The various organic as well as inorganic growth strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, collaboration & partnerships, joint ventures, and a few other strategies have been analyzed to establish their relevance to the market.
The report contains an in-depth analysis of the vendors profile, including recent developments and key product offerings that are pertinent to the market. The prominent vendors profiled in the study include OpenText, Hyland Software, Laserfiche, Newgen Software, Alfresco Software, Acquia, and DocuWare. There are numerous other vendors that have been studied based on the portfolio, geographical presence, marketing & distribution channels, revenue generation, customer reviews, and significant investments in R&D for analysis of the entire ecosystem.
The report also includes the complete insights of the industry and aims to provide an opportunity for the emerging and established players to understand the market trends, current scenario, initiatives taken by the government, and the latest technologies related to the market. In addition, it helps the venture capitalists in understanding the companies better and to take informed decisions.
Regional Analysis
North America leads the market in terms of digital content per person and Europe is fast catching up, while Asia Pacific leads by volume of digital content. Moreover, with digital transformation being a buzzword globally, the rate at which digital content is being created and shared across multiple platforms is phenomenal.
The report provides an in-depth analysis of the global enterprise content management (ECM) market. The increasingly competitive market environment with growing vulnerabilities from widespread digital transformation initiatives represents a growing need for constant technology development and upgradation from prominent technology vendors in the market. Enterprise content management (ECM) tools/services enables enterprises to create, edit, capture, archive, share, and deliver content and documents in a secured and policy driven workflow environment. Consequently, it enables organizations to manage an influx of unstructured content in various forms and subsequently formulate a workflow for the resulting structured and documented information across various platforms.
This report is directed to address opportunities for almost all key stakeholders including
• Application developers and solution vendors
• System integrators and resellers
• Professional training providers
• Managed service providers
• Cloud service providers
• IT consultants, auditors, and managers
• End-users – consumers/enterprise users
Available Customization
The following customization options are available for this report:
• Trends for other verticals including retail, travel, and hospitality
• Country-specific trends and market analysis
• Rest of the World (RoW) Region-specific ECM market analysis
• Additional company profiles
Apart from the existing market analysis, Infoholic Research can also offer a wide array of custom-tailored studies as per the company’s specific needs.

Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary 9
1.1 Evolving digital initiatives creating a new wave of content service trends 10
1.2 Key global ECM trends expected over the next 5 years 10
2 Market Snapshot 12
2.1 Industry Trends 12
2.1.1 Industry Overview 12
2.1.2 Industry Best Practices 12
2.1.3 Industry Standards and Regulations 13 GDPR Compliance 13 HIPAA Compliance 13
2.2 Serviceable available market (SAM) 13
2.3 Related Markets 14
2.3.1 Digital Customer Experience 14
2.3.2 Enterprise Collaboration 15
2.3.3 Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance 15
3 Market Characteristics 16
3.1 Market Evolution 16
3.2 Ecosystem 17
3.3 Value Chain Analysis 17
3.4 Market Segmentation 18
3.5 Market Dynamics 18
3.5.1 Drivers 19 Better project management 19 Need to govern content across multifarious digital platforms 19
3.5.2 Restraints 19 Data security and privacy concern 19
3.5.3 Opportunities 20 Application of AI and analytics 20 Growing digitalization in APAC region 20
3.5.4 DRO – Impact Analysis 21
4 ECM Market, By Content Tools/Services 22
4.1 Overview 22
4.2 Content Creation 23
4.3 Search and Discovery (Capture) 24
4.4 Compliance and Security 25
4.5 Classify and Archive (Content Library) 26
4.6 Document Workflow (Policy Governance and Record Management) 27
4.7 Collaboration 28
4.8 Others (Cross-Platform Integration, Content Virtualization, and Analytics) 29
5 ECM Market, By Content Type 30
5.1 Overview 30
5.2 Video 31
5.3 Image 32
5.4 Text 33
5.5 Audio 34
5.6 Metadata 35
6 ECM Market, By Content Platform 36
6.1 Overview 36
6.2 Desktop 37
6.3 Web 38
6.4 Mobile 39
6.5 Others (Print, Broadcast, and Social Media Platform) 40
7 ECM Market, By Industry 41
7.1 Overview 41
7.2 Media and Entertainment 42
7.3 Healthcare 43
7.4 Education and Training 44
7.5 Government 45
7.6 Financial Services 46
7.7 Engineering and Research 47
7.8 IT and Telecom 48
7.9 Others 49
8 ECM Market, By Geography 50
8.1 Overview 50
8.2 North America 52
8.2.1 North America: ECM market overview 52
8.2.2 Market Analysis 53 North America ECM market analysis by content tools/services 53 North America ECM market analysis by content types 54 North America ECM market analysis by content platform 54 North America ECM market analysis by Industry 55
8.3 Europe 56
8.3.1 Europe: ECM market overview 56
8.3.2 Market Analysis 57 Europe ECM market analysis by content tools/services 57 Europe ECM market analysis by content types 58 Europe ECM market analysis by content platform 58 Europe ECM market analysis by Industry 59
8.4 APAC 60
8.4.1 APAC: ECM market overview 60
8.4.2 Market Analysis 61 APAC ECM market analysis by content tools/services 61 APAC ECM market analysis by content types 62 APAC ECM market analysis by content platform 62 APAC ECM market analysis by Industry 63
8.5 Rest of the World (RoW) 64
9 Competitive Landscape 65
9.1 Competitor Analysis 65
9.2 Market Developments 65
9.2.1 Expansions 65
9.2.2 Innovation, Product Launches and Enhancements 66
9.2.3 Partnerships and Alliances 66
10 Companies to Watch for 68
10.1 Alfresco Software 68
10.1.1 Overview 68
10.1.2 Offerings 68
10.1.3 Recent Developments 68
10.1.4 Analyst Opinion 69
10.2 Hyland Software 70
10.2.1 Overview 70
10.2.2 Offerings 70
10.2.3 Recent Developments 70
10.2.4 Analyst Opinion 71
10.3 Laserfiche 72
10.3.1 Overview 72
10.3.2 Offerings 72
10.3.3 Recent Developments 72
10.3.4 Analyst Opinion 73
10.4 Newgen Software 74
10.4.1 Overview 74
10.4.2 Offerings 74
10.4.3 Recent Developments 75
10.4.4 Analyst Opinion 75
10.5 OpenText 76
10.5.1 Overview 76
10.5.2 Offerings 76
10.5.3 Recent Developments 77
10.5.4 Analyst Opinion 77
11 Emerging Innovators 78
11.1 Acquia 78
11.1.1 Overview 78
11.1.2 Offerings 78
11.2 DocuWare 79
11.2.1 Overview 79
11.2.2 Offerings 79
12 Annexure 80
12.1 Research Objective 80
12.2 Market Definition 80
12.3 Research Methodology 80
12.3.1 Database formulation 81
12.3.2 In-house estimation and data triangulation 81
12.3.3 Validation 82
12.4 Study Declarations and Assumptions 83
12.5 Stakeholders 83
12.6 Abbreviations 84
12.7 Additional Available Customizations 84

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OpenText, IBM, Microsoft, Hyland Software, Xerox, Adobe, Laserfiche, HPE, DocuWare, Alfresco Software, Acquia, Oracle, Kofax, M-Files, and Newgen Software

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